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We have been at the forefront of polymer engineering and mould production for more than four decades, continuously creating groundbreaking and cost-effective products.


We are experts in engineering moulding - it's what we do best

We have a range of machines that vary in size from 30T to 550T clamp capacity and can assist our customers by engineering specialised tools and polymers to suit the requirements of their products.  To date, we have produced components for the following industries:

  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Explosives

  • Lighting

  • Medical

  • Micro Irrigation

  • Mining

  • Motor Car Manufacturing

  • Swimming Pools

  • Water Reticulation and Water Industries


Revolutionising products with our cutting-edge toolmaking solutions

Initially created as a means of producing quality moulds and tooling for in-house products, our tool room boasts a wide range of machines with the ability to produce injection moulding tools up to 550mm x 1000mm x 750mm, serving both internal and external customers.


Combining precision with versatility with our vast selection of high-quality injection moulded products

  • Caster Wheels – Used for heavy duty applications, sizes 50 mm to 200mm

  • Specialised components – Designed to withstand extreme ultra-violet applications

  • Pool Cleaners – Design, development and production of pool cleaners for the international market

  • Micro Irrigation Systems – Various micro-irrigation components

  • Water Management Systems – Specialised components for water meters and water management systems

  • Pump Components – Development of the first engineering polymer pump components for centrifugal and borehole applications

  • Sporting Accessories – Various accessories such as golf tees

  • Lighting Components